Tips: How to Roast and Peel Peppers

by ali

We use roasted peppers frequently in our cooking. If we are BBQing we do it on the grill, occasionally I do it on a burner turned on high or in the oven under the broiler.

Recently we did it in our woodstove.

Roasting Poblanos in the woodstove


Tongs, Heat Source, Peppers, bowl, Water


Step 1: Stick peppers in, under or on top of heat source.

Step 2: Roast them until the skin is black and peely all over the pepper.

Step 3: Remove with Tongs and place in bowl of cold water – or under running water in the kitchen sink.

Step 4: Holding pepper between both hands, use your thumbs to peel back the skin from all over the pepper. Open pepper and rinse to remove seeds and pull off stem.

Peeling in water

Step 5: pat dry with a paper towel, slice and use!

You can store them in oil in a glass jar or in a baggie in the fridge.


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