Auntie Mary’s Sticky Chicken

by ali

My Great Auntie Mary traveled to many interesting places in her life and lived in Iran for a few years while married to an Iranian Man. She went to UC Berkeley in California and was very intelligent, opinionated, cultured and LOVED to cook.

Great Auntie Mary

Auntie Mary is the first who taught me to eat sushi, dim sum, Indian food, make creme caramels and let me eat ice cream for breakfast. She taught me the joys of  ordering videos and having them delivered to your door! For a sheltered country girl, it was a lot to take in but it shaped my food experience moving forward in an unshakeable way and made me excited to try new flavors and explore the world. We miss you Auntie! Thank you for being so cool!

This is a simple recipe of hers that I just learned about – it is adapted by my Aunt Deed – using chicken broth. You cook the chicken and serve over mashed potatoes (we used broth in them as well instead of milk, which is really good!). I added green beans with onions as an accompanying vegetable.

chicken, potatoes, greenbeans, chicken broth

Sticky Chicken with brothy mashed potatoes and greenbeans

Ingredients: 6 boneless chicken breasts or 30 mini chicken drumsticks, 2 tsps olive oil, 1 tsp butter, 1 cup sherry, 1 cup soy sauce, flour, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup chicken broth.

In a large dutch oven type pan, melt butter and olive oil.

Cube chicken and flour until each piece is nicely coated then add to pan and brown evenly.

Chicken flour

Floured Chicken

Add Sherry, soy sauce chicken broth and sugar and stir together. Simmer – don’t boil – on medium until sauce is thick and creamy – about 30 minutes.

Soy Sauce, Sherry, Chicken, Chicken Broth

Chicken cooking in Sauce

Spoon chicken over mashed potato “boats”and enjoy this comforting tangy dish.




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